How not to lose money in Crypto?

Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging

Hey buddy,

Today I am going to tell you how to invest money in Crypto using “Dollar Cost Averaging.”

For example, if you invested $20 every week for the last year, your portfolio would have been 32% up today.

This investment strategy is called Dollar-cost averaging — Investing a fixed amount of money on a regular interval.

However, setting this might be challenging; therefore, let me introduce you to RoundlyX.

RoundlyX invests my spare change from everyday transactions in the cryptocurrencies of my choice. This way, you can set up a Dollar-cost averaging for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital assets.

And use “CoinCodeCap” promo code for the $4 in BTC after purchasing $45 or more in crypto via RoundlyX.

Try RoundlyX

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