ARK GitHub Audit, New APIs and Active developers chart

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On our part, we are pretty excited and have loads of updates for you this week.

ARK GitHub Audit Report

We have audited ARK’s GitHub and created a report with our findings.

Active Developers Chart

One of the most important metrics is how many developers are actively working on a project. Now, you can access Active developer’s data in more granular details on the CoinCodeCap website. Here is an example of Bitcoin's active developers.

Three new APIs

We have added 3 new APIs this week.

  • All Coins Detail - Get details for all coins in 1 API call

  • Project Details New - A new version of the existing Project Details API

  • Active Developers - Get active developers on a project

Audit Reports In API

As we are creating more audits reports, we are exposing their URLs in our APIs so that other projects can link to these reports.

CoinCodeCap data on Third party websites

We have opened some of our APIs for free, and few projects already started integrating them. Recently CoinCaps and Baserank began to show our data. You can access our APIs here.

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