my cat wants to read


Yes, you read it right.

This weekend my cat told me that he wants more content on CoinCodeCap, so he can learn more about Cryptocurrencies.

So here are the articles we added this week on CoinCodeCap.

My cat was so happy after reading these articles 😁.

We also added a lot of new products, here are few:

  • Accointing - More than just a crypto tax tool

  • Zerion - Track and manage assets on leading protocols of DeFi

  • Dapper - A Smart Wallet to Make Blockchain Safe for Everyone

  • ZenLedger - Simplifying crypto taxes for investors and CPAs.

  • WebStudio - Decentralized No-code Website Builder

Check more on CoinCodeCap.

Are you interested in writing educational articles around the crypto ecosystem? We will publish them on CoinCodeCap.

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