Are they shipping?

Get updates on Crypto projects

Are you invested in a cryptocurrency project? And want to know if they are shipping new things?

Form this week; you can get updates on crypto project’s Github releases on CoinCodeCap Twitter account. So make sure, you follow CoinCodeCap on Twitter.

What is a Github release?

Github Releases are used to package software, along with release notes and links to binary files, for other people to use. Generally, project’s do releases when they add new features or/and do bug fixes in their codebase.

Here is an example of Aragon project.

Developers in Crypto #2

We recently started “Developers in crypto“ series to acknowledge contributions of some ninja crypto developers. In this week’s blog post “Developers in Crypto #2, we will talk about more ninja developers -

1- Matt Corallo - Bitcoin

2- Michael Ford - Bitcoin

3- Péter Szilágyi - Ethereum

4- Egor Grishechko - Insolar


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