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Making CoinCodeCap great again 😂

This week, we are introducing an important metrics on CoinCodeCap.

Active Authors 👷

You can check active authors on CoinCodeCap website for a given time frame.

What is an active author? 

An active author is a person contributing to Codebase recently. This contribution can be code commit, documentation or anything related to project’s codebase.

How we calculate active authors?

We analyze each and every commit on the project and get authors who contributed to the codebase in a given time frame. (Ex - Bitcoin has 9 active authors in last 7 days). While counting we only take original repos in account.

Why “active authors“ metrics is important?

A good amount of active authors 👷 signals that the project is serious about its development. If there no active authors then something is seriously wrong about the project.

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